About Isobel

At 11 1/2 months, Isobel Mostyn-Thomas was diagnosed with cerebral palsy.
Following a traumatic birth on 30th June 2009, in which she was suspected to have hypoxic ischemic encephalopathy (HIE) – a form of brain damage – she sustained a seizure at 12 hours old, and was prescribed phenytoin. After six fit-free months and four weeks without medication, the seizures returned on Christmas Eve.

Today Isobel has not had a single fit since August 31st, 2010, although she continues to take medication twice a day. As a result of both the seizures and her brain injury, Isobel acquired global developmental delay and microcephaly – and has been working to overcome her disabilities ever since.

About Benedict

20130510-212315.jpg Born in Oxford on 12th October 2011, Benedict is the youngest member of the Mostyn-Thomas household. His birth proceeded without incident and he is now settling happily into nursery and his role as Isobel’s baby brother.

About Melissa

Me Issy and Ben last summer
I am a journalist, editor, blogger, film-maker and visual arts practitioner. I live in the Home Counties with my two children.

My grand passion is freedom of expression and it is this that drives my diverse love of the arts and media. My writing has appeared in Vogue, Esquire, The Independent, BLOOM, The Huffington Post and Disability Arts Online, among many others. In 2011 I debuted as a scriptwriter and director with CODA, a TV drama short produced by Neath Films in association with the BSLBT that was broadcast on The Community Channel and Film4.

Having grown up deaf nearly all my life, both diversity and communication play an integral part in everything I do. I am particularly enthusiastic about contemporary art theory and ideology, arts criticism, film, creative writing, fashion and art collaborations, and disability/deaf arts.

I was interviewed by Lizzie Ward recently as part of her Writer Interview series. To read it, click here.

4 Responses to About

  1. klippsjournal says:

    Nice to meet you online. Thank you for visiting my blog. Best Wishes

  2. downssideup says:

    Pleased to meet you. Sorry, what is PACE Mel?

    • admin says:

      Pleased to meet you too! Welcome to my blog.

      PACE is a school that integrates Conductive Education into its teaching principles for children with motor and physical disabilities like cerebral palsy. Basically what that does is teach the child to do things for themselves, alongside the national curriculum.

      It’s a wonderful place and you can find out more about them here: http://www.thepacecentre.org

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